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We work to ensure sustainable water management and universal access to this resource.

We guarantee access to water and its sustainable management

ACCIONA is putting its innovative and technical potential into action to create solutions to water scarcity, sanitation problems, access to this vital resource and increased demand. Water treatment for a sustainable future.

The company leads the water treatment sector through its design, construction and operation of drinking water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, reverse osmosis desalination plants and tertiary treatments for water reuse, and has reinforced its focus on services for cities.

ACCIONA deploys its Business as Unusual approach to designing water infrastructure that can tackle the main water challenges and ensure the availability and sustainable management of this resource in every corner of the planet. One third of the water it treats is in water-scarce countries.

To this end, it explores innovative solutions and applies the latest water treatment technologies, while also focusing on the digitalisation of the sector, which it considers essential to deliver more efficient and sustainable water treatment processes. Water management processes to ensure compliance with Global Goal 6 "Clean water and sanitation".

Key figures

1,030 Hm3

total volume of treated water in 2019


of the water treated in water stressed countries

+ 100 M

people supplied throughout history


ACCIONA sustainably manages water at each of its treatment stages, and is committed to ensuring a global distribution of this resource with optimal quality conditions.

So we take part in water's journey from the point it is collected, its purification, the maintenance and control of water storage and management of distribution networks, to supplying water to the population and control of sanitation networks, treatment of urban and industrial waste water and water reuse.

All our processes and facilities are run through tracking and automation equipment, which require specialised maintenance, upgrades and continuous management to optimise water treatment plants and processes. We use all the company's departments to be more competitive and to optimise designs with the aim of ensuring sustainable water management.

  1. Water collection from different sources
  2. Desalination: Removal of salt and other minerals from sea water or brackish water to make it fit for irrigation or human consumption
  3. Purification: Water treatment for human consumption
  4. Distribution: Maintenance of the water distribution network
  5. Water supply to populations and agricultural irrigation
  6. Maintenance of the sanitation network
  7. Water purification: Removing pollutants from waste water so as to achieve optimum quality to return the water to the environment
  8. Water reuse: Tertiary treatment for use in agriculture, urban parks and other activities

Volume of managed water


Hm3 of desalinated water


Hm3 of drinking water


Hm3 of treated wastewater

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