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  • The 2023 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index includes 484 companies from 45 countries

ACCIONA has joined the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), which includes the 484 companies that have demonstrated the greatest transparency and the best performance in the world in terms of gender equality during the previous fiscal year.

To compile this index, companies voluntarily provide data on their gender equality policies through a questionnaire that covers more than 70 variables linked to leadership and talent development, equal pay, gender parity, inclusive culture, anti-sexual harassment policies and external brand image.

In addition, Bloomberg collects public information from companies' annual sustainability and governance reports, and Bloomberg's global team of ESG analysts applies sophisticated quality control methods to ensure that all data is comparable and meets the highest standards of accuracy.

In the Bloomberg analysts’ opinion, ACCIONA stands out for the presence of more women in its management or executive positions than the industry average, the existence of a responsible position for diversity focused on gender issues in its corporate structure, its specific strategies for attracting and retaining female talent, its audited metrics for the evaluation of the gender pay gap and its strategies to eliminate this gap.

These ACCIONA initiatives benefit its more than 40,000 employees of 131 nationalities and are part of its global People strategy, which aims to put people at the center of the company through four fundamental principles: recognition of merit, diversity and inclusion, a transformative work environment and leadership.

The People strategy has been consolidated as a proposition of value for employees and forms part of the company’s 2025 Sustainability Master Plan, as the first of its strategic principles, with the aim of investing in people to include and enhance the best diverse talent.

ACCIONA promotes the full inclusion of women in the traditionally male-dominated sectors in which the company operates, such as the Construction and Energy sectors, and it has developed specific programs to this end, such as ‘Sostenibl@s 50:50’. Some of the milestones of this program include Line 6 of the Sao Paulo subway in Brazil, where the project’s voussoir factory is operated by a team with over 50% of women, and the Marga Marga Hospital in Chile, whose nursery has been built entirely by women. In the field of energy, the ‘Women in the Isthmus’ scheme in Oaxaca (Mexico) stands out, as it promotes the hiring and personal development of female wind energy engineers. 

ACCIONA has been awarded the Top Employers Institute’s certificate repeatedly in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, the US and Canada, and has obtained it for the first time in Chile and South Africa, which certifies its excellence in the management of human resources.