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  • Once again, the company gives a high profile to World Water Day by launching a statement on water shortages and desalination as a solution for this problem.

On the occasion of the World Water Day, ACCIONA, a international leader in desalination, has highlighted the seawater desalination like a solution to the scarcity of drinking water.

The campaign, which starts by commemorating World Water Day, will continue throughout the year with a series of actions under the slogan “#97aguademar”.

This initiative seeks to raise awareness of a reality: 97% of the planet’s water is salty, but only 3% is fresh water and just 0.4% suitable for human consumption. As a result, applying good water management to ensure its availability is key to present and future well-being.

Water shortages already affect more than 40% of the world’s population, and for that reason, ACCIONA wishes to give visibility to the solution it applies on a daily basis: desalination and the re-use of wastewater to achieve a more sustainable future.

With the aim of highlighting the importance of this solution, World Water Day is held worldwide on March 22nd.



ACCIONA is a leading company in the management of the integral water cycle. During 2022, it desalinated 854 Hm3 for human and agricultural consumption.

Nowadays, ACCIONA provides a service to more than 100 million people through the desalination, potabilization and treatment plants it has built and operates, together with services related to the integral water cycle that it offers worldwide.