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ACCIONA, a leading global company in sustainable infrastructure solutions, has completed the first bus stop built using 3D concrete printing technology for the Transport Authority of the Government of Ajman. It is the first of its kind in the Middle East region.

This piece, which will be iconic within the Emirate of Ajman and in the whole UAE as a pioneer installation, was presented at a ceremony in Ajman.

The ceremony was attended by His Royal Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Ruler of Ajman and Supreme Council Member, His Royal Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, and His Excellency Eng.Omar bin Omair Al Muhairi Director General of the Transport Authority of the Government of Ajman.

ACCIONA was represented by Jesús Sancho, Middle East Managing Director, by Mohammed Deeb, Middle East Institutional Relations Director and by Luis Clemente, 3D Concrete Printing COO.

The bus stop, which weighs almost 3 tons and is 4.5m long, 2m wide and 2.3m high, consists of 3 printed pieces. It took less than 10 hours to be printed.

Luis Clemente, ACCIONA 3D Concrete Printing Business COO, highlighted the relevance of this initiative: "We are glad that the Transport Authority of the Government of Ajman has chosen us to carry out this project, as it serves as a demonstration of their commitment to innovation. This project allows us to showcase another way of applying 3D concrete printing technology: making iconic, innovative and sustainable urban street fittings. It is also the first to be carried out using this Powder Bed technology in the Middle East".

The benefits of manufacturing this type of urban furniture with our 3D concrete printing technology, as opposed to the conventional construction methods, are the reduction of waste (no molds or forms are used whatsoever), the  lessening of CO2 emissions and the possibility of having total freedom over the structural design. In this specific case, the bus stop’s design allows for the placement of solar panels on the roof.  

According to Jesús Sancho, ACCIONA Middle East Managing Director: "We are delighted and proud to see that the leaders and visionaries of the Government of Ajman share the same passion for innovation, cutting-edge technology and while sharing the same interest in deploying sustainable solutions as ACCIONA does. We deeply appreciate the trust placed by the top management of the Transport Authority of the Government of Ajman since the first time that they visited our facilities and believed in this project.”.

ACCIONA owns and operates the largest fully functional concrete 3D printer in the world with the Powder Bed technology, which is a particularly suitable option for generating pieces with complex shapes that require structural resistance. It works with concrete as the raw material, making it an ideal solution for the use in architecture, urban planning and building.

The 6mx3mx2m printer allows greater efficiency and automation of construction processes, making possible a freedom of architectural and urban design unknown until now, and the production of exact replicas of any sculpture to enhance cultural and historical heritage.

ACCIONA chose Ras Al Khor Industrial Area to install its 3D printing hub to support "Dubai 3D Printing Strategy" and their commitment to deploy this 3D technology in all areas of the economy and, specifically, in the construction sector.