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  • Credentials: ACCIONA's team secured a triumph in Sunday's Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia, positioning itself in second place overall

  • Message: the loss of diversity in the flora and fauna of the Red Sea coast and progressive desertification were the climate risks highlighted in the event

ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team claimed victory on Sunday in the opening event of Extreme E in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The team, which narrowly missed the podium in Saturday's round, managed to secure second place in the championship and presents its credentials among the most competitive teams in the series.

Fraser McConnell, a newcomer at the helm of the ACCIONA team, alongside Laia Sanz, one of the drivers who has competed in all the races of this competition since its inception, kicked off the day with a first and third place in the qualifying rounds.

 In the grand final, they secured a convincing victory from the start. McConnell read his rivals' lines at the start and maintained the lead until the driver change. Laia Sanz took on the challenge of holding off constant overtaking attempts from the Andretti team and delivered a performance in which she defended the first place with authority.

The new pair of drivers already left a good impression in the first round of the Desert X Prix on Saturday. An accident on the last lap of the grand final prevented the ACCIONA team from aiming for its first podium of the year as they were closing in on the third-placed team. The two events in Jeddah allowed the Spanish team to accumulate 39 points, just two points behind the leaders overall.


Held in the desert, 125 kilometers from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), the event took place in an environment marked by extreme aridity and high temperatures, bringing the climate threat of desertification closer to the spectators. In addition, the eight teams that make up the grid participated in the Legacy Programme of this event focused on conservation efforts for the coral reef on the coast of the Red Sea.

With its participation in this 2024 season, ACCIONA contributes through mass sports to social awareness about the fight against climate change and the need to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The Extreme E championship leaves Saudi Arabia and heads to Europe, where racing will resume on July 13 and 14 at a location yet to be determined.