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  • Shareholders will be able to participate via digital channels 
  • The Board of Directors modifies the proposed dividend for 2019 to €1.925 per share

The Board of Directors of ACCIONA today announced that its Annual General Meeting will be held on May 28th. In view of the global pandemic, the company will provide to shareholders the necessary means to attend and vote through digital channels. Online participation tools will be made available to shareholders on the corporate website. 

ACCIONA’s 2019 annual results will be presented for shareholders’ approval at the AGM, in addition to other matters. ACCIONA posted a net profit of €352 million (+7.2%) for the full year, according to year-end results. Excluding corporate transactions closed in 2018, group profit in 2019 increased +60.3%.

In accordance with Spain’s Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, which introduced urgent measures in response to Covid-19, the company has resolved to modify its proposed dividend payout in its notice of the AGM, even though ACCIONA had already signed off on its annual accounts.

The new proposed dividend is 50% lower than the original figure following the Board of Directors’ decision to modify its initial proposal from €3.85 per share to €1.925 per share.

The Board’s decision was taken 'from a perspective of financial prudence that the company deems necessary to follow. After analyzing the current global situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in particular the state of emergency in Spain, it was advisable to increase the company’s liquidity to be better prepared for the uncertainties caused by the crisis.”

Among other issues, the Board will propose the re-election of Christiana Figueres and Jerónimo Gerard as independent directors for the full statutory term of office, which is three years.