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  • The company protects all intellectual property from its self-developed optimization software, which are a competitive advantage in operational efficiency

ACCIONA has developed a blockchain-based registry to protect the intellectual property of its self-developed energy optimization platforms. Through this system, the company can protect all its innovative technological solutions, which provide competitive advantages in the management of renewable assets.

ACCIONA is already a pioneer in the use of blockchain in the field of energy. The company uses blockchain technology to certify the origin of its renewable energy and storage processes. With this new application, ACCIONA guarantees the ownership of all its internally developed platforms, which include:

  • ATHERMIS®: Thermographic inspection software that leads to the detection and analysis of photovoltaic modules in large photovoltaic plants.
  • ADOSA STORAGE®: Analysis and simulation tool for storage systems in renewable generation plants.
  • STORe-CHAIN®: Blockchain system that verifies the traceability of energy and carries out real-time monitoring of storage processes in the company's renewable generation plants.
  • GREENCHAIN®: Blockchain-based platform that ensures the traceability of renewable energy sources to customers in real time.
  • WINDBRAIN®: Software that can detect anomalies in the behavior of wind turbines (diagnosis), generating preventive maintenance techniques and O&M optimization methods.

ACCIONA has introduced the energy sector’s first certification that guarantees the protection of source codes in in-house applications. This is achieved through unique alphanumeric (hash) codes, which include reliable date registration and are transferred to reliable third parties via blockchain.

This solution plays a much-needed role in software protection, which is usually not patentable according to Spanish regulations. Also, for software to be fully protected, the publication of the source code is required in order to prove ownership in the Intellectual Property Registry, making it therefore accessible to third parties.

ACCIONA’s new blockchain system has been legally recognized and validated, enabling the company to fully own the software it creates. This contributes to strengthening the group’s innovation and digital transformation processes.

How it works

Firstly, a unique alphanumeric code (hash), equivalent to a digital fingerprint, is generated from a document containing ACCIONA’s software programming.

This hash is then stored with its date and time of creation on a registry platform and sent to three different blockchain platforms which will accredit and certify the process. The original source code document is kept in ACCIONA's custody and is reliably linked to the generated hash.