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  • The company has been awarded for the development of a predictive model that improves the operation of reverse osmosis desalination plants through the use of Artificial Intelligence and satellite measurements.

Last week, ACCIONA has won in Dubai the Excellence in Digital Planning and Design Implementation for the Year Award during the gala of ME Digital Construction Awards.

The company has been awarded for having developed a predictive model that uses satellite measurements and Artificial Intelligence tools to improve the operation of Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) plants in the region.

This system can predictive the quality of water reaching desalination plants. Algae bloom, oil spills and jellyfish are just some of the phenomena that can clog the filtering systems of desalination plants and cause operations to shut down. But with sufficient warning, desalination plants can stop extraneous matter from entering filtering systems.

With the objective of identify when desalination plants might be at risk from algae bloom and other events, ACCIONA used NASA’s Modis Aqua Satellite to collect data from the Persian Gulf from a number of parameters including water temperature, chlorophyll levels, salinity, and turbidity – a measure of the clarity of water.

The award ceremony of ME digital Construction took place in the Habtoor Polo Resort in Dubai. The award was received by Vanesa Fernandez Membrillera, from the O&M ME team and Jesús Sancho, the General Director for the Middle East.