Our global presence

The company is taking part in the  International Desalination Association world congress and will give visitors to its stand the chance to get to know -virtually- the desalination process in a plant built by ACCIONA Agua in Australia.

ACCIONA Agua, will offer visitors to the IDA 2017 World Congress – the biggest in the world in the water desalination and reuse sector – the opportunity to get to know the process for desalinating seawater through a virtual reality experience.

On the company’s stand in the event, held from 15-20 October in WTC in São Paulo, an augmented reality tour will be offered of the plant built by ACCIONA Agua in Adelaide, Australia. This facility is recognized as one of the most modern and self-sufficient desalination plants in the world.

Using software fully developed by ACCIONA´s Department of Innovation, visitors to the company’s stand will be able to make a virtual visit to the Adelaide plant going through all the stages of the reverse osmosis (RO) process. This starts with the capture of salt water in the sea, and then goes through a filtering area and membranes that separate the salt from the water. It all takes place in a virtual 3D environment that allows the visitor to really plunge into a real experience.


ACCIONA will also take part in panels and technical talks in the IDA Congress. ACCIONA Agua CEO José Diaz-Caneja will be one of the speakers on a panel titled “CEO/Suppliers – Market Trends and Challenges for 2020” to be held on Wednesday 18 October at 16:30. The company’s R&D+i Director Jorge Malfeito will give a talk on the “Relationship between hydraulic properties and the characterization of the surface of membranes oxidized in seawater” on the 16th at 14:00. Javier Artal, Director of Operations and Management of ACCIONA´s desalination plant in Adelaide, will speak on the “Improved low production regime in the Adelaide plant” on the 17th at 14:20. Finally, Jesús Ortiz, responsible of the business development department of ACCIONA Agua in the Middle East will give a talk titled “Removal of Organic Matter using advanced pre-treatments for RO systems – as a way of minimizing the formation of biofilms” on the 18th at 11:50.

The IDA Congress will feature four days of technical sessions, lectures, roundtable discussions, workshops, hosting the most relevant persons in the desalination sector. 

Visit ACCIONA Agua booth during the congress: #4510