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The prize-giving ceremony, held on the 120th anniversary of the Spanish chamber of commerce, was attended by the Spanish ambassador to the Philippines as well as representatives from ACCIONA and its two partners on the project.

ACCIONA and its partners on the Cebu Bridge project, First Balfour and DMCI, were presented with the “Project of the Year” award on 4 May by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines during the celebration of its 120th anniversary.

The prize-giving ceremony for these awards, which took place in the church of San Agustín, an historic building constructed in 1602 during the Spanish reign of the country, was attended by the Spanish ambassador to the Philippines, Jorge Moragas, and representatives from the three companies of the Cebu Link Joint Venture (CLJV).

The award was collected on behalf of ACCIONA by Rubén Camba, Southeast Asia Country Manager for ACCIONA Infrastructure, and Julio Ruiz, ACCIONA project manager.The chairmen of First Balfour and DMCI, Anthony Fernández and Jorge Consunji respectively, collected the award on behalf of their companies.


The Project, Cebu Bridge

The project, which is currently under construction, consists of the design and construction of a 650-metre cable-stayed bridge as the principal structure, with a main span of nearly 400 metres between pylons.

This new infrastructure will also include several viaducts, as well as a section of roadway on a five kilometre embankment.

The US$400 million contract is being carried out by the Cebu Link Joint Venture (CLJV), made up of ACCIONA, First Balfour Inc and D.M. Consunji, Inc.  The client is the Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Corporation, a company owned by Metro Pacific Tollways.

Construction of this new bridge will bring numerous benefits for traffic management in the region, alleviating the congestion currently suffered on the existing bridges by connecting Cebu City with the island of Mactan via Cordova.

This bridge will also provide a new connection between Cebu’s industrial zone and Mactan International Airport, and to the new urban developments of Cordova on the island, becoming a core communications infrastructure that will galvanise the local economy.