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Healthcare and education form the foundations of prosperous societies — they are fundamental rights that we must protect to ensure public welfare.

We are contributing to the development of more prosperous societies

ACCIONA's hunger for transformation has made it a company capable of designing social solutions for medical, educational, cultural engineering and ecosystem restoration infrastructure, which is used to ensure and extend public welfare.

ACCIONA understands that health, education and culture are the linchpins of societal progress in a context of climate emergency. Supported by highly qualified professionals and its own vocation for innovation, ACCIONA carries out its activities with all the excellence required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable hospitals, university campuses, some of the most impressive museums on the planet, as well as forest and beach conservation projects are some of the main social areas where ACCIONA offers comprehensive services. For a better world and a more prosperous society.

Hospital Infanta Sofía: BREEAM 2020 award winner for its energy efficiency and water management
Grand Egyptian Museum: The world's largest archaeological museum devoted to Ancient Egypt

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of medical centres and universities in 13 years

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