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ACCIONA presents it first talks about reverse osmosis desalination

Water30 Apr 2024

ACCIONA held its first panel discussion in its series of Talks designed to promote regenerative a...

ACCIONA | SAINZ XE team achieves its first victory in the opening event of Extreme E 2024

Corporate19 Feb 2024

ACCIONA's team secured a triumph in Sunday's Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia, positioning ...

ACCIONA|SAINZ XE team starts 2024 extreme e season in Saudi Arabia

Corporate15 Feb 2024

This initial Desert X Prix will reflect the impact of desertification and the need for c...

ACCIONA wins the sustainable contractor of the year award

Water8 Feb 2024

ACCIONA has won the Sustainable Contractor of the year award at the BIG Project ME Awards for its...

ACCIONA leads a project for the extraction of high-value elements from seawater brine

Water1 Feb 2024

As part of its commitment to sustainability and innovation, ACCIONA has launched the MINERALS pro...

ACCIONA is certified as ‘2024 Top Employer’ in ten of its main markets

Corporate18 Jan 2024

ACCIONA has obtained it for the first time the certificate in Peru and the Philippines.

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Social2 Oct 2023
In a continually evolving world in which the technological possibilities seem endless, attracting th...

Regenerative infrastructures to mitigate the effects of climate change

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Our projects from another point of view

Tapping into the sea’s potential to provide islands with sustainable drinking water

Islands rank among the regions hit hardest by climate change and water stress. However, as evidenced by the success story of the Canary Islands, desalination technologies offer a promising solution to mitigate the drinking water shortage.

Our projects from another point of view

How 23 wind turbines conquered their epic Peruvian desert journey

Transporting the San Juan de Marcona wind farm components from the Peruvian port of Paracas to its site 150 miles south in the province of Nazca has been a veritable logistical feat. Read on to learn how we did it.

Our projects from another point of view

Solar-powered irrigation: a new partnership between farming and the Sun

ACCIONA Energía has installed the world’s biggest irrigation system to be powered by a solar plant without batteries in Montesusin (Aragon, Spain).

The latest news about sustainability

From Paris to Singapore, cities adapt to cope with heatwaves

From roof gardens to urban shade policies, discover the promising measures cities are adopting to fight the heatwaves feared for 2024.

The latest news about sustainability

The power of local action: tales from the sustainability revolution

From the restoration of arid lands in Australia and Spain to the planting of coral reefs off Colombia, we look at the sustainable local actions improving the planet.

The latest news about sustainability

Underground climate change exists and this is how we can adapt

Cracks are beginning to appear in the ground and in buildings in Chicago and other cities. This is due to underground climate change. What is this and how does it affect urban areas?

The latest news about innovation

AI Reveals Complex Language Patterns in Sperm Whales

Scientists at MIT have turned to AI to understand the language of sperm whales and discovered complex human-like communication systems.

The latest news about innovation

Desalination Plants: A Gateway to Extracting Vital Raw Materials from the Sea

The extraction of high-value raw materials like lithium and rare metals from seawater desalination brine is a significant step toward achieving a circular economy.

The latest news about innovation

Finland to Build the World’s Largest Subterranean Energy Storage System

Finland has initiated the construction of an underground thermal energy storage facility, located 100 meters beneath the surface, capable of supplying energy to a city of medium size.

The latest in People

Sushana Karki: “Our projects place great importance on the sentiments of the community and the history of the area.”

Geospatial manager at ACCIONA Energía Australia. Trained as a plant scientist, she carried her environmental concerns and curiosity into her current role, where she provides GIS input in planning, developing, and constructing renewable energy plants.   From a young age, Sushana Karki was accustomed to seeing the world from high above, almost as if from... View Article

Geospatial manager at ACCIONA Energía in Australia. Trained as a plant scientist, she carried her environmental concerns and curiosity into her current role, where she provides GIS input in planning, developing, and constructing renewable energy plants.

The latest in People

From harmony to integration: updating the concept of work-life balance

Personal life or work life? Being a good parent or a good professional? Sometimes theories of work-life balance have led us to think of the professional or the personal as two worlds at odds with each other. We all have the image of the scales in our heads: work on one side and everything else... View Article

Reflexionamos sobre la idea de dejar de entender vida personal y vida profesional como dos fuerzas opuestas que deben nivelarse. ¿Y si más que equilibrar, se trata de integrar?

The latest in People

Towards a culture of dignity: implications for a richer workplace

Dignity is the inherent worth of every person, regardless of how they think, act and be. This total value as a person implies that each person should be treated as an end and not as a means. Human rights are based precisely on taking care of this inherent dignity in each of us, also at... View Article

We explore how inherent and earned dignity intertwine in the workplace to promote a respectful and equitable work environment.