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ACCIONA launches the Fresh Graduates program in KSA

Water8 Nov 2023

The Water business of ACCIONA in KSA, has presented yesterday in Riyadh the Fresh Graduates Progr...

ACCIONA celebrates one million man-hours without injuries on the construction of three sewage treatment plants in Saudi Arabia

Water17 Oct 2023

ACCIONA and its respective local partners, Tawzea and Tamasuk, have achieved one million man-hour...

ACCIONA energizes Jubail 3B reverse osmosis desalination plant

Water25 Sep 2023

ACCIONA along with its Consortium Partner Sepco 3 and in close cooperation with Al Jubail Interna...

ACCIONA Energía and Aruba sign deal for Green Hydrogen Valley

Energy29 Aug 2023

ACCIONA Energía and the Government of Aruba to establish a renewable hydrogen ecosystem

ACCIONA Cultura presents inspiring social solution talks “Sustainability matters: a social conversation”

Social21 May 2023

The first series of these events at the UNWTO in Riyadh highlights the importance of being net po...

ACCIONA Cultura launches “Sustainability matters: a social conversation”

Social4 May 2023

The goal of these new series of talks is to create positive social impact promoting culture throu...

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Into the future of Composites

Transport24 May 2023
Composite materials give rise to a wide range of possibilities and that the most innovative and sust...

Desalination by reverse osmosis, the sea as a source of hope

Water15 May 2023
Saudi Arabia, a country with a population of around 36 million and one of the world’s driest countri...

Smart roads: the arteries of progress

Transport2 Jan 2023
Engineering has changed a lot since the Romans taught the world how to build infrastructure. But one...

Our projects from another point of view

Tapping into the sea’s potential to provide islands with sustainable drinking water

Islands rank among the regions hit hardest by climate change and water stress. However, as evidenced by the success story of the Canary Islands, desalination technologies offer a promising solution to mitigate the drinking water shortage.

Our projects from another point of view

How 23 wind turbines conquered their epic Peruvian desert journey

Transporting the San Juan de Marcona wind farm components from the Peruvian port of Paracas to its site 150 miles south in the province of Nazca has been a veritable logistical feat. Read on to learn how we did it.

Our projects from another point of view

Solar-powered irrigation: a new partnership between farming and the Sun

ACCIONA Energía has installed the world’s biggest irrigation system to be powered by a solar plant without batteries in Montesusin (Aragon, Spain).

The latest news about sustainability

Wisdom of indigenous people on how to protect the planet

We have a lot to learn from those who, although only 6% of the global population, protect 80% of the planet’s biodiversity. Below, we discuss the wisdom of indigenous people.

The latest news about sustainability

Already breathing cleaner air due to falling fossil fuel use

The energy transition is now saving over 200,000 lives a year thanks to falling use of coal and subsequent air pollution, a study confirms.

The latest news about sustainability

COP28, a summit to enact the Paris Agreement

The world is getting ready for a new climate summit, COP28, to be held in Dubai. Find out why this event is vital for our and the planet’s future.

The latest news about innovation

Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak Could Come into Reality

The effect, announced by a Chinese scientist, is achieved thanks to a mesh of cylindrical lenses that produce the refraction of light.

The latest news about innovation

OTEC's Resurgence: Renewable Energy from the Deep

A 1.5 MW power plant showcases the promising potential of thermal gradient energy in the realm of renewables.

The latest news about innovation

Smart Textiles Enable Shape-Shifting Garments

Next-gen clothing adjusts to temperature changes, shrinking for enhanced insulation against the cold.

The latest in People

New Leadership Skills in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In the wake of recent advances, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gone from being an almost exclusive topic in technology departments to a focus that touches every aspect of society, so much so that it’s even capable of transforming the leadership of organisations. According to a recent McKinsey study, nearly a quarter of executives say they’re... View Article

AI stands out as the transformative technology of our age. How does artificial intelligence influence leadership in organisations?

The latest in People

In search of happiness: is it possible to find it in the workplace?

Is it possible to enjoy something that takes up a third of our day and which we do out of necessity? In other words, is it possible to be happy at work? It seems so – more on that later. On the opposite side, unhappiness at work makes people perform worse, become more tired and... View Article

Workplace unhappiness is a problem that goes beyond personal fulfilment or the tedium of routine. It affects performance, organisational results and talent retention.

The latest in People

A world where we all understand each other: inclusion of deaf people in the labour market

When Grey’s Anatomy cast a deaf character, Dr Lauren Riley, it taught millions of viewers at least two things about deaf inclusion. Firstly, it underlined that inclusion is fundamental to avoid the marginalisation of any individual, thus preventing organisations from losing great talent. Secondly, it stressed the importance of building an accessible and welcoming work... View Article

What if silence could be a bridge to new forms of communication? Find out how the inclusion of deaf and hard of hearing people can be an opportunity for organisations.