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ACCIONA wins LEED Gold Sustainability Certification for Dubai Metro "Route2020"

Transport27 Jun 2021

ACCIONA has obtained the highest global qualification for sustainability in construction for the ...

ACCIONA deploys state-of-art platform for desalination R&D

Water20 Jun 2021

ACCIONA has deployed a new research platform to test innovations in efficiency and sustainability...

ACCIONA Energía awarded Top ESG score power by S&P

Energy9 Jun 2021

ACCIONA Energía has received the global power industry’s top environmental, social and governance...

ACCIONA places "Sustainable Regeneration" at the core of its activities

Corporate27 Apr 2021

ACCIONA will certify the use of 100% renewable energy in all its business projects with blockchai...

Taking care of water, to take care of the Earth

Corporate22 Apr 2021

Climate change, population growth and man-made activities such as deforestation, intensive agricu...

Acciona-built Jebel Ali SWRO desalination plant producing at full capacity and supplying the Dubai water network

Water19 Apr 2021

Jebel Ali SWRO will be one of the largest desalination plants in UAE, producing 182 million of li...

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Region eyes green hydrogen as future fuel

Energy21 Apr 2021
Deployment and investments in hydrogen have accelerated rapidly in response to government commitment...

Women and engineering in the Middle East: a different way of understanding the world

Corporate8 Mar 2021
Engineering is one of those professions that, according to statistics, does not seem to attract enou...

Paving the route to opportunities

Transport4 Feb 2021
Roads cut journey times, shorten distances and connect people and businesses, galvanizing and foster...

The latest news about sustainability

Sustainable regeneration is the only way to make things right with the planet

Sustainability is key in the fight against climate change, but the planet needs us to go one step further: We must replenish and restore its resources. Let us explain what sustainable regeneration is.

The latest news about sustainability

Methane is the second most dangerous greenhouse gas

Experts are clear: Reducing methane emissions is one of the most efficient strategies to combat global warming

The latest news about sustainability

Regenerative tourism: discovering the world sustainably

A kind of tourism that values sustainability over everything else is possible. We'll tell you how to make the world a better place while travelling.

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The benefits of flexible working, the new ingredient for professional success

Flexibility in the workplace: this is the model known as hot desking. There’s no permanent place assigned to each employee, but the worker can decide the office space from which to perform their duties each day. Flexibility of entry and exit: consists basically of companies offering a range of hours for workers to choose the... View Article

Work flexibility is not something of the future. It is something of the present. And companies that are open to this model are already experiencing the benefits it brings.

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Towards a paperless office model

We should be forever grateful to paper, and to all its predecessors, for its contribution to the advancement of humanity. The leap that society has collectively made thanks to paper is spectacular. It has allowed us to transmit knowledge, to calculate, to sell, to buy, to sketch, to record, to read, to paint, to think.... View Article

Advantages, barriers and the right way to make the paperless philosophy bring the paperless office closer to a reality in all companies.

The latest in People

How to measure a company’s organizational culture

Everything that can be measured can be improved. Any company in search of success applies this premise to any field of its organization. Calculations of results, profits, expenses… All these data are accompanied by a figure that implies a margin for improvement. But is organizational culture something that can be calculated? Yes, and it’s crucial... View Article

Measure, improve and re-evaluate. That is the path to success. That‘s why it is important to know how to measure the organizational culture of a company


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