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We help improve the sustainability of your business and reduce your energy consumption.


We provide our clients with flexible, personalised products suited to the specific needs of each consumer.

Depending on the business sector, geographical area, consumption profile and risk tolerance, we find the product you need:

  • Fixed price per period.
  • Overall fixed price.
  • Indexed price with hedging options.
  • Bilateral contracts.
  • Mixed products.
  • Hedging options in a baseload profile.

View the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to contract renewable electrical power supply services:



The relationship with our clients: beyond retailing electricity from renewable sources, we share a common purpose

We provide all types of effective resources and tools to cater to your energy needs, with a highly practical focus on rational consumption, improving business competitiveness, sustainability and the strengthening of environmental and societal policies. In other words, a focus on designing a better planet.

Services for you

Demand management

The focus of energy demand management is on how each client consumes depending on their business sector.

Adjusting demand to actual needs by optimising the use and operation of renewable energy facilities and taking advantage of the most efficient technologies available allows for energy consumption to be reduced and energy supply related costs to be lowered.

Energy efficiency

Corporations and companies committed to the conservation, efficient use and proper management of energy require a strategy that allows them to establish and achieve consumption reduction and environmental impact goals.

Energy efficiency is fundamental to reducing energy consumption and, therefore, is aimed at cost reduction, improved competitiveness, reduced CO2 emissions and the improvement of related renewable energy processes, equipment and facilities. This improved use of energy can be supplemented with the generation of your own renewable energies or by third parties.

Therefore, energy efficiency entails net economic benefits and is the best option for reducing emissions together with the use of renewable technologies.

Public aid and subsidy management

Before starting any renewable energy project, talk to our team of experts about lines of public funding within the renewable energy and energy efficiency development plans.

We have a professional team to give you specific advice on the availability of public aid and provide information on existing public alternatives and the necessary requirements. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

Energy management systems consulting

The aim of the UNE EN ISO 50001: 2001 standard is the promotion of energy savings, energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of an Energy Management System.

The internal and external communications of an Energy Management System, like an environmental or quality management system, are a commitment by ACCIONA aimed at strengthening its competitiveness through the rational use of energy: the maximum expression of a responsible commitment to the environment.


When you purchase ACCIONA’s clean energy, you enjoy access to these related services, developed to optimise your energy bill:

  • Regular reports: We send you monthly market reports on energy prices and keep you updated on the latest regulatory changes.
  • Energy audits: We study opportunities to determine your energy consumption and suggest the best investments to save energy.
  • Optimised billing: In order to improve your bill, we provide advice to improve your load curves compared to pool prices and periods.
  • Optimised power: We analyse your supply to advise you on the optimal power and access rates to be contracted, based on your past consumption and future trends.
  • Reactive energy management: We monitor penalties due to reactive energy and develop investment proposals to minimise extra costs through switched reactors or capacitors.
  • Monitoring of consumption and quality of supply: We monitor your electricity consumption to determine possible inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement, and we suggest the most suitable corrective actions.
  • Information on energy efficiency and savings aid: We inform you promptly of aid or promotional activities in terms of savings, energy efficiency and renewable energy that may be of interest.
  • 24/7 telephone attention: We are available through our 24/7 telephone service line.

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