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Wholesale markets

ACCIONA is the Spanish representative – although not the dominant operator – with the highest volume of energy negotiated on the market, which offers its clients security and stability.

Within the legally established regulatory framework and according to the provisions of Spanish Royal Decree 413/2014 of 6 June, which regulates the production activity of electricity through renewable energy sources, co-generation and waste materials, the owners of these facilities may operate through a representative to participate in the production market and to collect and receive tolls and the specific remuneration system.


The main benefits of selecting us as a representative on the wholesale market:

  • High deviation compensation.
  • Savings in human resources (working through OMIE, REE and CNMC, settlements, etc.) and in technical resources.
  • Advice and experience in the wholesale market and associated administrative procedures. We provide you with the experience of our energy sales professionals and our own IT developments that enable optimal management control.
  • Safety and stability from belonging to a large, financially sound national business group with a sense of permanence in the sector.

Representation services

ACCIONA offers its experience and capacities in energy sales on the Spanish market to other renewable energy producers. Solutions designed by its professionals, who have been managing the company's energy sales since 2002.

We have established strong relationships with our clients, nurtured by continuous advice resulting from our experience as a representative and our commitment to promoting the adoption of clean energy throughout the planet. We guarantee cost savings with the utmost reliability through the provision of these services under the strictest confidentiality.

  • Follow-up and support in the management of administrative and legal processes for Market Access (OMIE, REE, MITyC, CNMC, the Spanish Tax Agency and the Regional Administration).
  • Sending necessary information for settlements to the CNMC and communications with it under the New Settlements System, using our platform to monitor and control provisional and final settlements of the supplements contained in the specific remuneration system.
  • Verification and checks of the items settled by ACCIONA and the direct transactions of OMIE/MEFF.
  • Negotiation and operation in the wholesale market (OMIE/REE, OMIP) 365 days a year, with a specialised team exclusively dedicated to adjusting production forecasts in the Intraday markets.
  • Participation in the Portfolio Effect of more than 6,300 MW of capacity from more than 300 geographically dispersed renewable energy facilities that use seven different technologies, which helps to offset deviations and considerably reduce their cost.
  • Exclusive energy management contracts for each facility, optimising its profits with advice on the most profitable sale options and the supplements you can opt for.
  • Optimisation of the facilities’ operating regimes and scheduled maintenance, depending on the evolution of energy prices and their historical trends.
  • Monthly reports on energy markets and the personalised sale of energy for each producer, and studies on the most favourable sale options based on the evolution of the market, optimising the revenue stream.
  • Accreditation and processing of the Guarantee of Origin for electricity from renewable sources and high-efficiency co-generation through the CNMC.
  • The possibility of contracting a production forecasting service, specially designed for wind farms, which is highly reliable and continuously improved.
  • The possibility of contracting price hedging when accessing forward markets (OTC markets, OMIP markets, bilateral contracts, etc.) to reduce the risk of market fluctuations.

CECOER Renevable Energy control and Dispatching Centre

ACCIONA provides other producers the option to combine energy sales on the market with the inclusion of their renewable energy facility in the company's Renewable Energy Control Centre, the largest in the world.

Discover CECOER, the clean energy control unit