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We treat water throughout each stage of its life cycle, making it suitable for human consumption, supplying the population, purifying waste and industrial water and applying water reuse technologies.


We protect water at every stage of its life cycle to ensure the provision of quality water and its sustainable use. We are pursuing the goal of access for all to this essential commodity, as set out in the 2030 Agenda.

As a company, we have always had a sustainable approach to managing the water cycle comprehensively: we optimise the consumption of natural resources, minimise polluting resources in water treatment processes, maintain management standards for waste water treatment, and undertake awareness campaigns for the end consumer.

The integral water cycle begins by collecting raw water, purifying it in a DWTP, the maintenance and control of water storage, the management of distribution networks, and then its final distribution to the population. The final stage of the cycle is waste water treatment, when the water arrives at a WWTP. There we treat it to be returned to the natural environment or reuse it with minimal environmental impact.

Our professionals continuously analyse the water's composition to ensure the highest quality in the end user's tap. Similarly, we systematically evaluate the supply and sanitation networks. We thus achieve high performance rates in cities where we manage the water service, using the latest technologies to detect and repair possible leaks.


  1. Water collection from different sources
  2. Desalination: Removal of salt and other minerals from sea water or brackish water to make it fit for irrigation or human consumption
  3. Purification: Water treatment for human consumption
  4. Distribution: Maintenance of the water distribution network
  5. Water supply to populations and agricultural irrigation
  1. Maintenance of the sanitation network
  2. Water purification: Removing pollutants from waste water so as to achieve optimum quality to return the water to the environment
  3. Water reuse: Tertiary treatment for use in agriculture, urban parks and other activities
We protect water at every stage of its life cycle to ensure the provision of quality water and its sustainable use.

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Data as of 31 December 2021


total volume of treated water in 2021

37.3 %

of the water treated in water stressed countries


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