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Sustainability, the basic pillar of the company’s principles, has an ally in the new technologies. We transform persons who lead the positive impact on society and environment with the help of all the technologies available.

The Water business adopts a collaborative approach in its R&D&I activities, cooperating with public and private entities, both universities and research centres and industries and public and private service companies.


Industry 4.0 already incorporates ACCIONA’s DNA: IoT, IIot, Edge computing, Data analytics. These technologies complete the design of processes and systems in our facilities in a natural way. In our Water Technology Centre we have different pilot plants and two laboratories with the most sophisticated equipment and the most modern analysis and characterisation techniques.

    Digitization processes that we are helping to carry out from the O&M Middle East team


    A digital twin provides a virtual image of a plant. This digital reality of a project seen in advance improves our ability to analyse and optimize and leads to higher productivity, reducing times and impacts thanks to the early detection of faults.


    ACCIONA is promoting the use of simulators that replicate the real system to implement and test its control system and process sequences, and also of an OTS (Operator Training System), for the training of operators in the uses and functions encountered in a real plant.


    An ACCIONA team in Madrid had for the first time tested and commissioned a desalination plant thousands of miles away in Saudi Arabia using “Digital Twin” technology. The Digital Twin – an exact digital copy of the Al-Khobar 1 Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) plant in Saudi Arabia – allowed a specialist team in Madrid to begin testing and commissioning at the plant remotely, with only minimal staff on site.


    The technology allowed the commissioning of the plant to remain on schedule in spite of the travel restrictions in force as a result of the pandemic.


    The Madrid team conducted the first stage of this process from ACCIONA's Water Control Centre “CECOA”. Using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, the desalination plant’s start up equipment, control system programmes, water and electrical circuits were tested and put into operation with remote supervision.

      Discover our digitization processes that we are helping to carry out from the O&M Middle East team

      GOTA CIA

      GOTA CIA is a new generation computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). The maintenance team in in the Middle East has brought in its technical expertise to develop a software solution customized for water treatment plants that can be deployed to other ACCIONA water plants internationally to provide the best asset management control and to ensure accurate maintenance for any asset type.

      GOTA CIA is an online salesforce based software which integrates plant structure, asset data base, maintenance plan, warehouse control, procurement, and another modules to be customized depends of the customer requirements.

      MAESTRO (by Elutions)

      ACCIONA is delighted to extend its partnership with Elutions, a global Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, by deploying Elutions’ Maestro AI platform at the Umm Al Houl Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant in Qatar.  Maestro acquires and processes real-time operational data from the plant to deliver predictive, autonomous, continuous optimisation at scale, reducing operational costs while maximising output, plant reliability and water quality. Maestro provides Acciona with a unique, scalable platform on which to extend the benefits we bring to our clients across the global water industry, embedding continuous innovation and maintaining service excellence.

      PMS- Plant Management System

      The guidelines for the development of an ACCIONA PMS system have been developed by the O&M team in Qatar who monitored the implementation of those criteria in the Al Khobar 1 SWRO. Those guidelines set the basis of the integration of several data sources and the processing of the information to allow a more optimized and uniform operation and will enable better identification and implementation of lessons learned across the plants as well as a standardization of the reports generated on each site.

      CECOA – Water Control Centre

      CECOA is the heart of our operational intelligence. We put the technologies of Industry 4.0 at the service of water by applying Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for the continuous improvement of processes in our facilities.

      Through CECOA, ACCIONA’s employees around the world benefit from the smart management of operational data and information. This is converted into prediction and optimization models to operate our plants more efficiently, improving maintenance, productivity and water quality.

      CECOA: Virtual analysers and predictive models

      The connection of the Ras Abu Fontas A3 and Umm Al Houl SWRO plants with CECOA allows ACCIONA to process thousands of data generated on-site. Using state of the art, bid data, IoT, Machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, ACCIONA has developed virtual analysers for the plants in Qatar to be able to understand in real time the value of some product water quality parameters or to be able to predict the behaviour of some of the incoming water characteristics. These results in a more efficient operation and increased availability provided to our clients.

      BIONS - Business Intelligence Of Network Solutions

      BIONS is ACCIONA’s platform based on Industry 4.0 technologies to optimize the management of the end-to-end water cycle.

      By using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, we convert the data obtained in the water supply service into knowledge. BIONS allows the early detection of incidents and analyses and manages events in water networks, achieving savings through the early detection of leaks, reducing response times and providing the best possible service to our clients.