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  • The ten best photographs will be chosen by a jury of experts and awarded a prize of €500

The #PHEdesdemibalcón initiative, led by PHotoESPAÑA and ACCIONA, invites Spanish citizens to publish photographs depicting their confinement experience followed by the # PHEdesdemibalcón hashtag, which translates to #PHEfrommybalcony. 

An expert jury will choose the 10 best photographs to be awarded with €500. In addition, as a kick-off for the 23rd edition of PHotoESPAÑA, photograph exhibitions will be held in a number of Spanish cities on balconies and windows, which will host a selection of the images presented by the residents of those cities.

The best daily photos will appear on Instagram and can be accessed through a virtual gallery. So far more than 27,000 images have been uploaded to Instagram and the PHotoEspaña festival website has registered 12,800 entries. 

Registration to participate in the initiative is open until May 17th and to take part you just have to upload your pictures to Instagram with the hashtags #PHEdesdemibalcón and #PHE20, mention the account @photoespana and register the participation in the organization's website.

ACCIONA and PHotoESPAÑA have carried out various other joint projects linked to showcasing some of the main challenges our society faces through art, such as, in this case, the fight against Covid19. Another example would be climate change, when the groups joined forces for the photographic and audiovisual S.M.A.R.T exhibition, which was one of the main activities of the last edition of the PHotoESPAÑA Festival.