Our global presence

  • The first series of these events at the UNWTO in Riyadh highlights the importance of being net positive and shaping a sustainable future for generations to come. 

ACCIONA Cultura organized a panel discussion at the World Tourism Organization’s regional office in Riyadh last Wednesday 10th of May to discuss sustainability and its part in shaping the future for coming generations.

José Luis Blasco, ACCIONA Global Sustainability Director, invited the audience to be the first generation to leave a positive legacy –not only environmental but also social and economic– behind: “we cannot be satisfied with being net zero, but we have to be able, through our projects, to be net positive. That is why I invite and encourage you to be the first generation to achieve it”.

Blasco spoke as well of sustainable solutions to the most urgent challenges facing the planet. He said: “It is a challenge for all of us; it is the challenge of this generation. We are all still capable of overcoming this situation”. He also highlighted the concept about been regenerative by design in the culture field as its application gives us the add value to compete in this market.

The other panelists who participated came from diverse sectors such as education, health, design or telecom: Salman Alarifi, an architect; Nura Elghaib, an interior design manager; Anna Laura Petrucci, an adjunct professor at King Saud University; and Majed Abu Obied, a sustainability planning and disclosure director.

These series of talks which are going to be regularly organized during the year, explore the promotion of culture as a powerful tool for achieving social sustainability by promoting diversity, inclusivity and creativity while preserving the cultural heritage of our local communities. The second edition of the ACCIONA Cultura Talks will be in Jeddah in November.