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  • This rebranding finalizes the integration of Spanish events agency Auriga into the company.
  • ACCIONA purchased Auriga in 2019 ACCIONA's museums and events division will focus on sustainability, innovation and creativity as signs of identity

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD), ACCIONA’s business division dedicated to museums and events, has been reborn with the new name of ACCIONA Cultural Engineering.

The launch of this new brand culminates the integration of Auriga into the company. Auriga is a Spanish events agency, which ACCIONA acquired through APD in 2019.

ACCIONA Cultural Engineering has become the largest European company to specialize in museums and is one of the most relevant businesses in event organization. The group has a proven track record in museum and exhibition projects across 38 countries and contributes to the organization of 800 events annually.

Through this rebranding, the former APD intends to reinforce its commitment to cultural engineering, a concept that involves combining new technologies and historical heritage. Some examples of ACCIONA’s cultural engineering initiatives are the group’s “Fires of the Apostle” mapping spectacle in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and also the immersive audio-visual show that marked the Prado Museum’s 200th anniversary in Madrid.

With its new name, ACCIONA Cultural Engineering will centre its philosophy on innovation, creativity and the use of technology to create memorable experiences - at both large-scale events and in museums. These experiences will shine light on cultural heritage, tradition and the history of cities, countries and also companies and private clients.

This same philosophy will be reflected throughout the division's other activities, which include trade shows and corporate events, where technology, innovation and creativity will be used to create new and disruptive formats.

ACCIONA Cultural Engineering, within the corporate culture of its parent company ACCIONA, integrates sustainability in all its projects, following the commitment to zero emissions. This means each and every one of its events are carbon neutral.

The company will continue to grow internationally through its network of offices around the world (with eight locations in five countries: Madrid, Seville, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Mexico City, Cairo and Riyadh).

ACCIONA Cultural Engineering carries on the legacy of APD’s three-year leadership in the development of museums, exhibitions (including seventy Expo pavilions), events and large-scale spectacles. Since last year, Auriga has brought its expertise to the company. Auriga was named best agency for events, promotions, brand activation and direct marketing last year in Spain by El Publicista. Both firms combine a total of 122 international awards for design, technical innovation and sustainability.

ACCIONA Cultural Engineering’s portfolio includes emblematic projects such as the National Museum of Oman, the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center in Yekaterinburg (Russia), the National Museum of Qatar multimedia productions and the design of the House of European History in Brussels.

In addition, the company is currently working on projects such as the Grand Egyptian Museum and also the Sustainability and UAE Pavilions (host country at Expo) for Dubai Expo.